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Nate Dogg Sports is the sports media/news department of Nate Dogg Productions. NDS will bring you content in the form of Podcasts, YouTube Shows, and written stories for the sporting events NDS covers. Nate Dogg Sports aims to create a trustworthy sports medium between its audience, content creators, and athletes.

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Nate Dogg and Ethan "Red" Evans co-host a sports podcast centered around recent national or local sporting events. Nate and Red want this to be a reliable source for sports takes and opinion while respecting the great athletes that compete for our entertainment.

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Nate Dogg and CDM co-host a college sports YouTube Show for them to discuss all college sporting events, mainly CFB, MBB, & CBB. This where NDS will get more in-depth on the talent at universities Nationwide.

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Nate Dogg makes his YouTube debut with his new show "The Pound." Nate plans to give his takes on all things sports, entertainment, and news from around the world.

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Nate Dogg Sports News is where all written stories will be for the sports that NDS covers.

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