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Watch It Fall
The Darkroom Story


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Darkroom was created in 2019 but not without many trials and tribulations. We take you back to 2018 when Jon Morrow, Darkroom guitarist/producer, had a dream to create music. At this time, the band idea Morrow had was an old-school psych-rock group named Venus. This genre is… well… not the most popular in the South Mississippi area. Due to lack of interest, Morrow knew he would have to pivot slightly with his dream.

Reagan Marsteller, Darkroom vocalist/synth, soon noticed what Morrow was trying to create and grew an interest in it as well. Marsteller was still in high school at the time and loved music for as long as he could remember. Once he graduated high school, Darkroom could finally take that next step forward in becoming a respected band in the local area.

After two years in the lab, Darkroom would officially release their first EP ever in 2022. It would also be met with some popularity on music platforms as four of their songs have over 1,000 listens. “Watch It Fall,” their most popular song, nearly has 15,000 listens right now. This level of success was not honestly expected by Morrow and Marsteller, but it has lit a fire under them to continue striving for this dream.

Still, both of these band members had to deal with major moments in their life during this time of creating Darkroom. For Marsteller, he had to make the never-easy decision to change his degree from Biomedical Pharmacist to Audio Engineering... I know... very drastic.

For Morrow, this struggle was much different because Morrow has to deal with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). CF is a genetic condition that affects a protein in the body. People who have cystic fibrosis have a faulty protein that affects the body's cells, tissues, and the glands that make mucus and sweat. Morrow has had to overcome this condition his entire life.

We hope to open the viewers eyes to how much a person can be dealing with something, even if the problems they face are not on the surface level.

If you are interested in Darkroom’s music, you can find them on all music streaming platforms and Instagram (@darkroom_band) for their next gig.

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